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Our main objectives include the following:

To establish uniform grading regulations for cherries produced in South Africa.

To ensure an economically viable and sustainable cherry industry via coordinated joint actions as agreed from time to time.

To liaise with other cherry groups in the world to exchange information of mutual benefit.

To look at ways of promoting sales and consumption of cherries on the local and export markets.

To share resources regarding production, packing and marketing aspects of cherries.

To ensure the availability of certified plant material.

HORTGRO, the umbrella industry service organisation for various horticultural industry organisations acts as secretariat for HORTGRO-CHERRIES. In addition HORTGRO-CHERRIES liaises with HORTGRO Science which purpose is to direct and guide research to address short and long term needs of the industry.

HORTGRO-CHERRIES Executive Committee

Arno Marais

Western Cape Region

Dr Philip Fourie

Mpumalanga & Limpopo Region

Gert Eastes

North-West Province

Gerrit Higgo

South Eastern OFS

Derick van Zyl

Western Cape Region

Christiaan Rabe

Western Cape Region